Electronic delivery system

system that allows electronic delivery of our services are integrated into the schedule of your daily business. This is a product intended for:

  • * The frequency of shipments delivery, low, medium or high.
  • * The internal processor
  • * Integrated into your website to help you improve your ability to provide services related to your customers.

Help save time for jobs tautologize helps manage transportation and more efficient goods sent by these systems to our posts.

Hệ thống của chúng tôi

  • Our system stores all the addresses to send and receive goods.
  • provide information about shipping charges for each shipment.
  • Huang Long to automatic call delivery.
  • shipment confirmation information.
  • provide full details on the delivery of each shipment.
  • store information delivery of the shipment was sent to help further research in the future. Each of the system is designed to meet many different needs