Trường Hải launch new vehicles


Trường Hải launch the school bus sleeping Hyundai HB 120 SL completely new development for Vietnam

According to the manufacturer's representative, components such as chassis, engine, air conditioning systems ... are imported from Hyundai Motors. Korean car manufacturers to transfer technology and assembly of passenger cars beds, spray foam application technology noise, welding JIT, deodorant by ultraviolet light


Hyundai models developed specifically for Vietnam. Hyundai passenger car line that Truong Hai and installation capacity of 1,000 units each year

New car design popular Hyundai Universe. Interior structure is two-storey bed. Equipped including air conditioning, mini fridge, sound system with four LCD screens, toilet systems, tray items in each bed.

Vehicles using the engine oil of the Hyundai turbo intercooler, 6 cylinder, with a capacity of 12,920 cubic capacity of 380 horsepower. 6 vote vapor suspension, antilock brakes with ABS and reversing camera

Truong Hai plans to sell 30-40 cars per month. Price 2.55 billion and announced a year warranty or 50,000 km



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