-HUNG THANH Transportation company of professional activities in the field of logistics, transport, transport of goods in the country and internationally. With a staff of seasoned experience in shipping, installation, remove the same goods. We focus attention, always gives the client the feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind about the goods they are transporting, shipping, transportation on the route.

-Transportation company of professional service providers as well as rental trucks from 5 c to the last cyclist trailer, and the whole service package.

-We are committed to the quality of our service and have the necessary support when customers have requested.

-The areas that we have ever participated in giavận move: computer, lubricants, catharsis, sportswear, supermarkets, furniture, automobiles ... and these goods weights.


-The company's pricing policy incentives to customers who sign a contract for services or goods you receive.

For more details, please contact our company:

Every detail-contact corporate office: 36337575-36337614

YH: support online (transport by track):


lequychuong_ktqt  -  mobile: 0977335500



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