Lost of ThangLong boulevard


“Buy more "near 4 km every day ...

looks like, only when the highway Lang - Hoa Lac highways official, named Thang Long Highway, the native people living along both sides with high pressure recording light last night feel like I "really" become "the city".

Whether in terms of administration, they became citizens of the capital from the previous few years.

A road was "lost" to resort to services Boulevard exit on the Long

Since shortly after the car, people living along both sides began to feel the "nuisance" and a part of life disturbed, while the horizontal lines along the two lane road eventually sealed.

Nguyen Thi Lan, who Quyết Tiến Village, Van Con (Hoai Duc district, Hanoi) said: Decision Progress is the only rural communes still Boulevard Long separated from the administrative center of the commune.

Previously, when the entrance level to bypass highway has not been sealed, the CPC and to go shopping or to the people of the children in school, she also easy. But since the Avenue to traffic, street-level walkways were sealed off, the village Decision Progress suffer "near the far lane," want to go shopping or go to school children to go round to nearly 2 km of new tunnels Residence, and come back with that distance. Means that the road they must travel daily by nearly 4 km away from anymore.

Households in the New Hamlet township Quoc Oai, because along the side of this avenue, the town adjacent to Thach That district, on the day must come within a few miles to bring their children to school Quoc Oai town, bringing to vaccinate their children or take sick people to clinics. Similarly, many residents living in the other lane, that is located right next to the town, but when the highway was completed, the town wants to, if not accept violations of traffic by going the opposite way round, they have to go way too far to add 4.5 km.

Lanes for motorcycles sleazy is why many people in traffic do not go the wrong way, further to the traffic on the Avenue Long chaotic!

Nguyen Thi Mai, close to home in Thang Long, the town of Quoc Oai said: When the boulevard is not complete, she only takes a minute to take their children to class or go shopping. But now, if not to reverse the street, she needed to pass additional 3.4 km away to the capital town turns into her house just a few dozen meters. Entrance path has changed so many lives daily to meet many people scrambling

Half crying, half laughing on the boulevard

is not only the local people living along both sides a new difficulty in walking and activities, many in traffic on this route had to see things half laughing and half crying .

At the beginning of the Thang Long Avenue, adjoining the National Convention Center or at the end of the Avenue is the intersection of Hoa Lac, the reporter observed that many operators of motor vehicles, they do not want to go on the road for motorcycles and cars crowded capital rough, dirt, even the cattle should have chosen to travel lanes for cars to go

And like Thang Long Avenue ... lane, while vehicles going in opposite directions comfortably without treatment.

However, because the lanes for cars with very few exits. So many people on the trot to go this way still to go ... free man, lost tens of kilometers of new outlets. Many people, because they want to move to accept the road early, pickpockets, lost by 10 to 15 thousand vehicles to carry the service through exit.
Also because there are so many motorcycle riders in traffic going to the poor awareness of lanes for cars to "exit services" on Long Avenue mushrooming and doing very good in those days.

Nguyen Van Luan, a village Quyet Tien communes still, claiming the first wooden bridge to escape service for motorcycles, lost on Long Avenue revealed: Every day, he still earns millions silver thanks to a special service this escape.

But, because he is doing so along the Boulevard, there is always some group of people arrested before, service timber bridge for motorcycle escape. And they want to escape charges of thousands of looks, depending on the object that the service more or less screaming.

After two weeks of Thang Long Avenue to traffic, we found all over the roads, especially the small lanes for motorized vehicles and rudimentary, heavy trucks have tandem running in the opposite direction, but not not have one processor.

Meanwhile, people living along both sides, for fear to travel because of habit and most should not go past the road bridge towards the people. Most of them still considered Avenue and longest modern Vietnam as a "country road" goes the opposite direction impartial, that the avenue running through the neighborhood, traffic conditions are chaotic and extremely dangerous.

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