1. For the benefit of customers and the company, customers should bring identification when using the service.
  2. Customers present at the welcome guest of the HUNG THANH guided booking clerk before driving at least 30 minutes for the procedure.
  3. Customer shall not smoke in the car.
  4. Customers who do not carry dangerous goods, live animals, rare, banned the circulation of such weapons, flammable substances, noxious smell things on the car.
    Customers who do not carry the goods specified in the list of prohibited goods banned by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  5. Tickets are only valid for the voyage date and time indicated on the ticket. Customers have the right to cancel or change travel plans 24 hours before the vehicle clearance and was minus 10% service charge (With festival tickets are separate regulations).
  6. Customers bring this ticket to any agency of the Hoang Long for instructions cancellation procedures. In the first 24 hour ticket is expected to export terminals are not destroyed, flight change information.
  7. Customers may not cancel or change information as lost tickets, customers can still ride if tickets and remember to bring ID code.
  8. If because of force majeure (natural disasters, traffic ...) The company may cancel or change the schedule and hours run. The Company shall have prior notice without incurring any liability.
  9. Each passenger may carry 20kg of luggage. If you exceed the limit, they must pay additional surcharge is 5000d/kg. The equipment, television, bulky computers, motorcycles ... the list of goods provisions of the Company, are not counted as luggage.
  10. In case of customers that the company's employees are polite behavior or lack of errors regulations, we receive customer comments by phone, email, postal mail at the contact information.
    • + Score out: is your landing point.
    • + Hours away: is now expected to export terminals in the day. + Destination: the destination port of your last.
      + Arrival time: is now expected to arrive this time you'll come to the end.
    • + Time: a total journey time of cars expected.
    • + Space: The number of vacant seats on the bus. Because you have not paid up as the default number of seats in each vehicle.
    • + Ticket price: The price is the price you pay to ride on the route selected Hung Thanh.
    • + Special: Tickets were placed online booking only a week.


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