Disorders of high quality car


Nguyen Nhat Thanh said, 6pm on 30/10, his presence in the south bus station. See a pink car seats 36 which are familiar by each associated with high-quality slogans, so he assured the car without buying tickets on the counter as usual. On this car almost fully booked but the driver still refused to go now famous frames that keep the engine at the gateway Ri Ri's bus station.

Have 30 minutes later, the new car running to the junction of Phap Van - Cau Gie. 10km walk around the car stalls halfway. Passengers alight punch list, with people anxious to repay the claim had bought tickets to catch the other car. Garages are not liable, Words, driving, crashed into the car side of this guest reviews

Passengers fled sorry but we do not forgive. May too, another car had stopped to run to the visitors of this up, get rid of the punch, kicking the driver, car accessories. Before pressing this, Thanh sent him pictures, number of vehicles to verify the proposed Police Report.

After viewing the photos he sent to the City, to realize this car is the familiar colors of Coach Factory Nam Ha Noi (Transport Corporation of Hanoi), we have to contact Mr. Liu Hong Huang, Director Director. Mr. Huang suggested providing plates. Minutes later he said, this car is not under the management of their enterprises.



Although Coach Factory South TRANSERCO unused brand but the brand is now stolen and circulated.


When we ask about the color of the car Mr. Huang said, this is one of the primary colors of the manufacturer, formerly South Enterprise Coach (Coach Nam) have used this same color car brand TRANSERCO run Hanoi - Thanh Hoa, but now no longer used. Currently, Coach has used cars, car colors, logos, trademarks.

Asked when not in use any more cars, buses to the South with the liquidation of organizations and individuals to buy and they still leave the logos, colors used cars to run from Hanoi - Thanh Hoa Hoang said he did not not specified. This vehicle type is to be transferred to Coach South driving under the contract.

"Since 2008, we did not use that brand TRANSERCO replaced by the brand name" Coach South "with a new logo. But passengers still confused because the car is still stealing our old brand in circulation, "Mr Huang said. The evidence that Mr. Huang made the car BKS 30L-56 ... with logos HaNoi TRANSERCO trailing vehicle Ha Noi - Vinh - Ha Tinh that his new employee record.

Previous question, how to prevent counterfeit brands, leading to confused passengers, were treated violently, Huang said, the management unit that is specific bus Police have checking and correction.

To ensure the legality of their brands, has conducted buses registered logos, brand new in the Intellectual Property Department. Coach was a high quality brand is the opening to the Ha Noi - Hai Phong, Ha Noi - Thanh Hoa, Ha Noi - Vinh ... Favorite. Criteria of high quality by car makers, businesses make is the car run on time, right route, not welcome, paying customers along the way, have towels, water, air conditioning, drivers, staff uniform vehicle

Admittedly, when a newly born, high quality car has changed the appearance of a passenger transport services by road. Some brands associated with passenger transportation quality criteria were passengers preferred not to mention Coach Nam Ha Noi, Hoang Long ... But only some time after imitation has occurred coaches high quality leads to real, suppose confused.

Plus there is the Decline in service quality, more high-quality criteria set out not to be maintained. So, just a few years later, high quality car and no longer exists giảm credibility. The Passengers are still mistakenly believe the car is operating high-quality shows good effects of this type of transport services. Unfortunately, a common brand has come to our consumers by not stay for long.

On the passenger transport market is now emerging vehicles associated with names such as: luxury car beds, luxury ... The "advanced" is not managed by the agency put out and no association with any criteria. However, concede there are many luxury cars are really good quality. Typically, not to mention sleeping cars run from Hanoi - Vinh, Ha Noi - Ha Tinh, Ha Noi - Ho Chi Minh ... Passengers lucky enough flair and new options for their cars better service quality, worth the money I spent

We do not have any vehicle fitted with the slogan of high quality car as before. To better service, passengers must choose for themselves the prestige brand of transport. Passengers careful when choosing vehicles match your money

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