1. 19-05-2011
    1. For the benefit of customers and the company, customers should bring ID CARD when using the service.
    2. Customers at the point of its welcome guests under the guidance of staff selling tickets before the car ran at least 30 minutes to do the procedure.
    3. Customer shall not smoke in the car.
    4. Customer shall not bring the dangerous goods, fresh animals, rare, prohibited the circulation of such weapons, explosive substances, smelling things up toxic.
    5. Customer shall not bring the goods from the list of prohibited goods regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    6. The ticket is only valid for the flight date and time indicated on the ticket.
    7. Customers have the right to cancel, change the trip before 24 hours car expected to be published and shall be deducted 10% service charge (with the new ticket regulations separately). Customers bring this ticket to represent any of the Huanglong for ticket cancellation procedure. In 24 h before car expected to export ticket is not cancelled Ben, alteration of the information.
    8. Customer shall not remove, change information when lost this ticket, the client can still ride if remember code ticket and bring ID CARD.
    9. If for unforeseen conditions (natural disasters, traffic congestion, etc.) The company is entitled to cancel or change the schedule and hours. The company is responsible for prior notice without any liability.
    10. Each passenger was carrying 20 kg of baggage. If excess regulation, additional surcharge is 5000 VND/kg. Machinery and equipment, televisions, computers, bulky, motorcycles ... in accordance with the company's goods, are not counted as baggage to carry.
    11. In the case of the customer that the employees of the company there are lack of courtesy or wrong regulation, we are always receptive to the opinions of clients by phone, email, postal mail at the contact information.
    12.  + Point: is point Ben.
      + Hours: is now scheduled to appear in the dock.
      + Destination: is the last to Ben.
      + Hours: is now expected to this time are to end.
      + Duration: is the total scheduled time of the journey.
      + Space: The amount of space on the bus. Because you have not paid up seat which is the default for each type of vehicle.
      + Fares: Price is the price you have to pay to ride Hung up on the journey.
      + Special: Tickets booked online will only be set before 1 week.

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