Open letter

Open letter




First, we respectfully submit to you the customer good wishes. Wish you always happiness and success in life. Hungthanhtravel was founded with the desire to offer you the best service in the field of transport.

As you know, to meet the needs of people on the route away from every day a big demand for the quality of people every day. Travel companies Of Transport we paid up with "all connections" wishing will give the best service to serve you on every route.

It looks like before we were only interested in the point, destination and fare. But today, needs to be served by people on a high, requiring the company to have the project as well as the quality of serving the best with the most competitive price. The company Hung Up with quality of service leading confidence will meet all requirements set forth by you on every route.

Travel companies for Transport Of cam Ward

-Committed to export vehicles, Ben in the right time, right, right price listing

-Courier cargo safety, quality, prestige.

-a Chair (beds) for customers booking does not distinguish (except the elderly, children, and pregnant women).

-Free advice to customers on the standard, the supply line, the quality of service.


On behalf of the company


Hoang The Manh  

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